The Ecovillage Network of the Americas (ENA)
is now reorganizing

New North and South American networks are in formation.

Please enjoy these features of
communities, events and activities in the Americas
… North and South!


Albert-pearsNews from the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm, Tennessee USA

Breaking Out of Our Shell!
By Albert Bates

Have you ever watched a chick break out of its shell? It takes hours, sometimes an entire day. The chick has spent its entire life in its shell. But now, the nourishment that was there is all used up. It grows hungry and thirsty and it knows instinctively that it has to break out or it will die. Read more…



Transformative Learning for Earth Regeneration:  Start Your GAIA U Journey This February

The next online orientation starts 18 February for anyone wanting to start their supported action learning journey in 2014. During this 24 week participatory course you will engage with webinars, forums and cutting-edge content in the world change field. You will learn to set up your ePortfolio, which will be the basis of a lifelong documentation process enabling global collaboration in the fields of your interest. Read more… 


Ecovillages of North America …

Dancing RabbitDancing Rabbit’s Successful Local Currency
Dancing Rabbit in Missouri, US claims to be the only intentional community where an individual can pay for all their daily living expenses with locally currency. Jonathan Swiftcreek reports: Full Article and Update



Ecocity Builders

Ecocity World Summit 2013, Nantes, France, has concluded …
2000+ delegates from 77 countries … joined with us to advance the global ecocity movement. You can learn more about the conference in this edition of Ecocities Emerging.” You can learn more about the conference by subscribing to receive “Ecocities Emerging” newsletter.


Ecocity Builders

November 21-22, 2013
Ecocity Builders, AGEDI, UNEP, the Association of American Geographers and partners will kick off the Eye on Earth Community Sustainability and Resilience Special Initiative – Paris, France

The Eye on Community Sustainability and Resilience Special Initiative will provide tools and data for sustainable development at the urban level, and test a replicable and accurate methodology to link community crowd-sourced (foundational sustainability) data and information to national, regional and global data sets. In addition, the CSR Special Initiative will demonstrate the efficacy of crowd-sourced data at urban scale and provide tools and training to public officials and others who want to ensure a more sustainable urban environment through more informed decisionmaking.



The Council of the Americas Sustainable Settlements, coordinates and strengthens Latin American national networks that promote, educate, investigate and disseminate sustainable lifestyle. Read more…




Consejo de Visiones for event info